Sustainable development

our Eco-citizen Charter – Travel Responsibly

Surftrip is also a way of life, focusing on respect for others and nature. For several years the issue of global warming has dominated environmental discourse,the majority of climatic and environmental scientists agree that human activity is partly responsible. Consequently, being a citizen of earth, a father and the director of Surftrip, I am continually trying to improve and correct my every day bad habits, which may negatively impact our environment. My role as a sports educator allows me to pass on my knowledge and also my values. At Surftrip we are dedicated to combining our passion for surfing with our responsibility to our environment by minimising our impact on our environment as much as possible, whilst also providing a great surf educational centre. The following are a few small examples of the efforts we have and continue to make in our daily work lives to minimise our impact.

– the lights in our shop are eco friendly
– our welcome folders are made from the starch of potatoes (biodegradable in 3 months)
– all of our office paper is made from recycled paper
– all of our broken boards are recycled at the end of each season
– all of our outdated and old equipment are donated to organisation which support the development of surfing in emerging countries (Morocco and Senegal)
– Our shop furniture is made from wood which has the French designation FCS (sustainably managed forests)
– The use of cleaning products are strictly controlled and we use products that are environmentally safe
– All of the staff at Surftrip are dedicated to upholding our environmentally sustainable work environment.

The above examples could be seen as small gestures, but it is a beginning, if everyone was aware of this way than perhaps we would be able to better preserve our environment. We can not forget that the earth does not need us to survive, however we cannot survive without it.

Our everyday actions count alot for tomorrow.

– he use of water in moderation at the end of each lesson.
– the impact of waste in the marine environment
– Turning of the lights and your computer when you do not need it, etc…

Sustainable development and the protection of our environment is everybodies business.

Hit the Surf and enjoy!

Respectons la nature