The Surftrip club

Surftrip school of surf offers you a club option for your training each week between the months of April to October. Our aim is to offer you a complete education in a wonderful atmosphere, whether you are a beginner, experienced or at competitive level. The progression of the bronze wave, silver wave and gold wave designated by the French Federation of Surfers allows you to place your apprenticeship and if you are very motivated you could go all the way to competitive surfing.

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You are a beginner:

Adults or children, our objective is to introduce surfing to you but also generally speaking, the ocean. Discover the rhythm of the waves, understand the currents, swimming, the tides and the protection of the ocean.

The objective is for you to become autonomous :
– know which equipment is suited to you –which board is right for you physically but also your level of experience
– know how to “read” the ocean to allow you to use the currents, take a wave and bodysurf
– know the rules and the priorities of surfing
– take a wave less than 1m that has not crested
– take off and keep your balance until you arrive at the edge of the beach
– take a direction after take off

You are experienced:

We can help you go further than your level and discover the spots at Hossegor, Seignosse and Capbreton, the best waves for you!
– take waves greater than 1m
– take a surf zone duck diving
– take a wave frontside and backside and follow the shoulder of the wave
– pick up speed on the wave
– perform a manoeuvre

there are several options available: Contact us